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We need your help

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8 / 31 / 2016

We have been working with federal and provincial representatives to secure funding for the terminal expansion, and we appreciate their ongoing support. Right now, though, they need to hear from you.

You’ve been in the lineups, you know how important air access is to business in central and western New Brunswick, you know that your quality of life is better when you have convenient access to flights.

Architect concept of planned terminal expansion for the Fredericton International Airport

Architect concept of planned terminal expansion for the Fredericton International Airport

We’re ready to go. The design is complete, but we can’t begin construction on the planned terminal expansion and renovation until funding is in place.

If you support the Fredericton International Airport’s terminal expansion project, please let your elected representatives know. Whether you choose to contact them on Twitter, Facebook, email, or write a letter, your support will help  make this expansion happen and help us bring 1,015 jobs and $41.5-million in GDP to New Brunswick by 2030.

Remember, we are not asking for special treatment. Airports on privately-owned land have access to funding programs which are not available to airport authorities (such as ours) operating airports on land that is owned by the Federal government. More significantly, both governments will see a return on their investment in just six years through taxes generated by the many businesses that benefit from an improved terminal.

Contact your elected representative

Find your Member of Parliament’s contact information

Find contact information for your Member of the Legislative Assembly (provincial government)

Matt DeCourcey is Member of Parliament for Fredericton. You can contact Mr. DeCourcey via:



One thought on “We need your help”

  1. Gail Brewer says:

    Our needs to the airport expansion are way overdue…We are the capital city. In order to keep our local people from Travelling to Moncton and Saint John this needs to be done

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