Carrier Flight # City Sch. Time (AST) Arr. Time (AST) Status Temp Cº
Air Canada7666Montreal10:2810:28On Time-5 Cº
Air Canada8952Toronto11:1511:15On Time1 Cº
Air Canada7605Halifax12:0712:07On Time-12 Cº
Air Canada7607Halifax16:2716:27On Time-12 Cº
Air Canada8956Toronto17:0017:00On Time1 Cº
Air Canada7668Montreal17:4917:49On Time-5 Cº
Air Canada8958Toronto19:4519:45On Time1 Cº
Air Canada8798Ottawa21:3621:36On Time-7 Cº
Air Canada7611Halifax22:0722:07On Time-12 Cº
Updated: March 04, 2015 at 04:15
Carrier Flight # City Sch. Time (AST) Dep. Time (AST) Status Temp Cº
Air Canada8953Toronto05:3005:30On Time1 Cº
Air Canada7667Montreal06:0006:00On Time-5 Cº
Air Canada8797Ottawa06:3006:30On Time-7 Cº
Air Canada7604Halifax06:5006:50On Time-12 Cº
Air Canada7669Montreal10:5510:55On Time-5 Cº
Air Canada8955Toronto11:5011:50On Time1 Cº
Air Canada7606Halifax12:2512:25On Time-12 Cº
Air Canada7608Halifax16:4516:45On Time-12 Cº
Air Canada8959Toronto17:3517:35On Time1 Cº
Air Canada7671Montreal18:1518:15On Time-5 Cº
Air Canada8961Toronto20:2020:20On Time1 Cº
Updated: March 04, 2015 at 04:15
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